Saturday, May 28, 2016

REVIEW: Tailing a Tabby

Tailing a Tabby
Bookmobile Cat Mystery #2
Author: Laurie Cass
Cozy Mystery

Minnie Hamilton and her side-kick, Eddie the rescue cat, are back in this second Bookmobile Cat Mystery. Minnie is still happily driving the Bookmobile truck to various locations around Chilson, Michigan ,while Eddie enjoys the love and attention showered on him by most of the library patrons.

Trouble awaits the book-delivering duo once again, of course.  During Bookmobile rounds, the truck is flagged down by a woman in distress running down the middle of the road. She says her husband needs immediate medical attention. Minnie helps the woman get her husband to the hospital, learning that he is a famous painter. Concern for the welfare of the painter turns into a new blossoming friendship with the two. Little does Minnie know that the painter will soon require her sleuthing skills as well when he is accused of murder.....

This series is fun and enjoyable to read. I like Minnie...she doesn't take herself too seriously and enjoys her job. And Eddie.....he is just a hoot. I find it cute that library patrons sometimes come to the Bookmobile just to pet Eddie.

As for the plot, don't expect reality. Cozy mysteries are not really something I expect to be realistic. Just like with amateur detective television shows,  reality has to be suspended allowing readers to believe that an innocent Bookmobile librarian might discover murderers and corpses along her designated route on a regular basis. On television, Jessica Fletcher went 10 years on Murder She Wrote finding at least one corpse each week without law enforcement batting an eye. So I'm able to suspend reality and let a librarian discover as many bodies as is required for the series. With reality suspended to enjoy the story, the plot was well done in this second book in the Bookmobile mystery series. It moved along at the right speed with just enough clues sprinkled here and there to keep me happily reading. I like Cass' writing style and character development.  Her characters are likable, and enough humor and side-plots are incorporated to keep the story flowing nicely without being totally bogged down by the required murder.

The cover art for this series is awesome!

I'm definitely going to read the 3rd book in this series!

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