Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Readin' about Gracie!

Day 2 of Bout of Books: I finished my first book for the read-a-thon last night. "Under the Lilacs'' is a very sweet children's story. It is not as involved/detailed as Little Women, but a happy romp nonetheless. After the crazy holiday season, I needed a simple, fun story to start off B.o.B.  Perfect!!

I have moved on to Book 2!! I am now reading (and LOVING!) "Gracie: A Love Story" by George Burns.

The book is such a fun read! George narrates the story of his, and Gracie Allen's, early days in Vaudeville, how they met, their marriage, etc. His writing is filled with their wit and comedy.

My parents introduced me to Old Time Radio as a child, along with the comedy of Jack Benny, Bob Hope and Burns & Allen. I've always loved the banter type comedy of the 30's and 40's. If a joke is still funny after 60-80 years, it was a great joke. :) There are many, many videos of George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jack Benny, Fred Allen and more on Youtube. Check them out! You won't be sorry.

There were many comediennes back in that time who played "dizzy'' silly women. Gracie Allen was one of the best. Her comedic timing was perfect. George was her perfect straight man, as well.

Here is one of their early short films. George talks about this performance in the book.

I even found a full movie starring the duo from 1942:

I started the book last night and am already 100+ pages into it. It's hard to put down. What an interesting woman, what a great marriage, and what a life well-lived!!

Bout of Books List so far:

1. Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott
2.  Gracie: A Love Story by George Burns (in progress)

Bout of Books has a Challenge today: "Character Coupling.'' The challenge requires putting together two characters from different books and explaining why.   The first couple that popped into my head was: (of course) Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding and Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. Reasons: Because it just has to be done.  Bridget Jones' Diary parodies P&P quite often....and the outcome would be uncomfortably funny. :) So, nothing earth-shattering, but that's the couple I'm going with. I think I would just make them friends because everyone knows Darcy belongs with Elizabeth.I could just see them out to dinner discussing the problems in their lives together. Would love to be at the table to listen. :) Makes me chuckle just imagining it.

Say Goodnight Gracie!


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  1. Congrats on finishing your first book!
    Great challenge answer! I have to read those books! I love your reasons for putting these characters together and love the idea of a funny relationship. Thanks so much for playing along!