Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Today is the first day of 2015!! I missed the new year.....fell asleep and woke up at 1 am. Not sure what sleeping through Midnight on New Year's means for the coming year. I'm either officially OLD, or I was blessed with restful sleep. I prefer the latter to the former. :)

On a good note, I did officially restart my running program Dec 31st. After a year of dealing with injuries, setbacks and a generally crappy personal attitude, life turds (unexpected crappy life stuff) and other incidents, I am getting myself back on track. Other than the punishment of shin splints after months of inactivity, the run felt WONDERFUL. I broke in my new Brooks Adrenaline, that my hubby was kind enough to drive me up the mountain to Asheville to buy. Great shoes! I need to add in my SuperFeet inserts though. I definitely like them. Not as much padding as my Ariels, but a lot less clunky. Ariels have super shock absorbsion, but they feel like I'm running while wearing clogs. Just too heavy. It sucks being a "Fat'' runner......there are NO shoes made for me except pontoons. Adrenalines are like a compromise.....more ooomph to them than some neutral runners, but still lightweight. and....they aren't gray. Part of my Mojo is wearing ridiculously bright colored runners.....but when I was told to wear a more substantial shoe, that automatically seems to mean UGLY. My Ariels were gray with a spot of blue here and there. And my Brooks walking shoes are the ugliest things I have ever seen. Heavy, boxy and only available in white and black. Old Lady Shoes. I feel shallow when I say that I don't find them attractive.....but gotta be honest. My feet love them, but I HATE wearing them. I age 20 years just putting them on.  Couldn't they make one version with a bit of pizazz about them? Black, hideous things. Ick.  But I'm wearing them. Every day. If they keep me from having plantar facilitis issues again, I'm all for ugly. But I'm not happy about it.

I guess, the truth of the matter is.......I am too fat. And as penance, I have to lose weight and gain more fitness before I can go back to wearing my happy, neon, glow in the dark shoes when I run. No Gel Nimbus for the fat ass.  I visit them in their box occasionally where they are waiting for me. And someday when I no longer have to wear shoes for heavy runners, I will put them on and run a 5K to celebrate. Something about brightly colored feet makes me run faster. :) I think I will email Brooks and tell them I love my walking shoes.....but want a better color choice. And I love Ariels, but they are ugly. Being a heavy runner doesn't mean I want muted shoes.  In the meantime, I think I am going to see if my hubby can come up with a way to paint the Brooks swooshy thing on the side of these black nasty things to at least add some happiness to my feet again. :)

I will post weekly fitness progress reports here. And yes, I will improve the looks of this page as well. I've been away from blogging for 7 have to fiddle with this awful template and start remembering my HTML so I can personalize this page.  For now -- boring.  Like my shoes. Gotta paint the swooshes here too!

Someone asked me why I named this blog Interdimensional Chaos.  Every person has multiple dimensions and interests. For me, I enjoy a lot of hobbies.....I'm a gamer......I'm working on fitness and weight loss.....I have complex opinions.....I love to read.....I write....I homeschool. Lots of dimensions. And I have a lack of segue skills so this blog will bounce around from topic to topic....there is the chaos. So......Interdimensional Chaos.And yes, I do know that technically that is supposed to be hyphenated.....looks dumb in a header. So....the chaos has removed the hyphen. Deal. 

To bounce to another dimension.......I'm getting ready to participate in the Bout of Books Read a Thon #12.  I happened along a link, and had to sign up. Finally a R.A.T. about the joy of reading.....and not the horrific ones I had to partipate in at school. I remember walking door to door asking for charity donations based on how many books I read......only to have everyone renege on their pledges because I read 150 books and they had to pay up. :) Ahhh, the good old days....NOT. I don't think schools make kids go door-to-door anymore --- not safe. And stupid, to be honest. For a week, starting January 5th, we are all going to read and share posts about what we are reading, the joy of books, and whatever else reading related we can share. Woot!! Can't wait!

I guess most people are sharing a reading list ..... a list of books they want to read during the week. I think I am going to choose to do my R.A.T free-style. I'm not making a list --- I'm going to read whatever books come to hand and not go from a list. A list makes it almost an assignment.....I want to experience the joy of reading simply for the JOY of reading, not because I've made a list. I prefer my books wild and free. Bringin' a little of my chaos to the read-a-thon. :) RAT-ADHD. Yep, that's me.

Interested in participating?  Click here:

And here are my goals, etc:

Time Devoted to Reading

During the Read-a-Thon, I will set aside time each day for reading. Phone turned off. No laptop. Nothing but me, my book of choice, and a cup of hot tea. I am not setting a goal of how many books or how much I want to read --- focusing on setting aside time to ENJOY reading, not hurry through it to read as many books as possible. I'm not collecting donations for the MS Society......I'm exercising my mind and making reading a PRIORITY, rather than an occasional treat. Nothing speedy about that. It's not a's a celebration!

My Goals

  • READ!!!!  My only goal is to set aside time each day to read. Quality time.....not catching a page or two while waiting in the chiropractor's waiting room. Not reading a few lines while eating lunch, or at otherwise distracted times.  Purposeful reading.

Books to Read

Not making a list!!  I read-a-thon freestyle, baby!


I will post daily updates/thoughts about what I'm reading, books in general or whatever else pops into my head.

Well that's enough of a post for's 3 am on New Year's Day. I slept through Midnight....woke up at 1:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. So what do you do on a sleepless January 1st??? Blog at 3 am, that's what!!! Mission Accomplished!!

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