Saturday, June 18, 2016

REVIEW: Night of the Living Deed

Night of the Living Deed
Author: E.J. Copperman

Alison Kerby is newly divorced and moves back to her hometown in New Jersey to transform a 100-year old beachfront home into a guesthouse. Just as she starts her DIY project, she gets struck on the head by a falling can of joint compound. When she comes to, she doesn't just see the mess on the floor, but the spirits of two people who died in the house. The spirits beg her to help them find out who killed them. Alison is reluctant to get involved. The safety of her 9-year old daughter is much more important than helping two dead people. But, when she starts getting death threats just like the former owner did before she died, Alison realizes she needs to help the ghosts before she becomes the killer's next victim.

This book is a great mix of humor and murder mystery. The main character is a hoot! She is smart, determined, and sassy. The two ghosts are wonderful characters as well. Maxie, the former owner of the house, is temperamental and prone to destroying things to get her point across. A former private investigator hired by Maxie, Paul sends Alison on investigative missions because, as a ghost, he can't leave the property.

I loved this book! The story was great. The cover art was fantastic! I am definitely going to be reading more of this series! There are 7 books in this series so far. The 8th book will be released in December of this year. E.J. Copperman is a pseudonym for author Jeff Cohen.

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