Monday, November 7, 2016

REVIEW: Crime and Poetry

Crime and Poetry
Author: Amanda Flower

The concept of a bookshop being magical is not a big step from reality for me, as I consider them magical places already. :) Amanda Flower's new Magical Bookshop Mystery series takes it a step further, creating an enchanted bookshop where the books choose the reader. What else could you expect from a bookshop that has a tree growing inside it? How cool is that??!!

The basics: Violet Waverly rushes back to her hometown believing her grandmother is ill, only to discover her grandmother just wants her to take over the family business, Charming Books. At first Violet just wants to run back to Chicago and resume her academic life, but is soon pulled into a murder mystery. Grandma Daisy's friend is found dead in front of her home clutching a book of Emily Dickinson poetry he purchased from the shop the day before. He's been strangled with Grandma Daisy's scarf. So, Violet stays to help clear her grandmother of any suspicion in the murder and learns more every day about the magic that surrounds Charming Books.

And, charming is the operative word here. This story was just....charming. I enjoyed the characters, the concept and the plot. The mystery was well-paced, the characters believable, and the magic was endearing. This is a fun, light, magical cozy mystery!  I loved the idea of magical spring water, and the tree that gives Charming Books its magic. It made me wish I could visit to discover which books the shop would choose for me!

Crime and Poetry is the first book in the Magical Bookshop Mystery series. The second book in the series, Prose and Cons, will be published December 6th. I can't wait for the second book! I enjoyed the first book so much, I immediately pre-ordered the new book!

Amanda Flower is also the author of the Appleseed Creek mystery series. Discover more information about the author and her books on her website:

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