Wednesday, June 28, 2017

REVIEW: Murder at the Male Revue

Murder at the Male Revue
Author: Elizabeth Perona

The Summer Ridge Bridge Club is back in action in Murder at the Male Revue, the third book in the Bucket List Mystery series. The gals are all in their 70's and working on fulfilling all the things on their Sixty List  -- a list of 60 things they all wrote out when in their 60's that they wanted to do before they die. As they work their way through their lists, they also manage to get embroiled in a murder mystery or two. :)

This time, the group is helping their friend Joy work through her fear of naked men. Ever since her husband left her for another man, Joy has had an extreme aversion to men in the buff. Now that she's dating again, she wants to get over her fear. So, the ladies volunteer to help with a local fundraiser. The entertainment is a troupe of male strippers.

Unfortunately, the night does not go as planned. Not only does most of the catered food end up spilled on the floor (accidents happen when a grandma shockingly sees her grandson gyrating on the stage half-naked being auctioned off as a date to the highest bidder), but a local town councilwoman is murdered backstage.

Who killed Camille Ledfelter? Can the girls discover the naked truth before the killer streaks away?

This book is cute and funny. I loved how the girls deal with life and their age, and how they all band together to sleuth their way through a mystery.  The group is a mix of Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote with a little extra murder and mayhem added in for flavor. :)

This is the first book in the series that I have read. I had so much fun with this book that I'm definitely going to read the first two books! This group of feisty, fun-loving, kind-hearted ladies makes for a creatively different cozy series, a lot of laughs, and a darn good mystery!

I hope that I have half this much fun and adventure when I'm in my 70s! :)

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