Saturday, August 6, 2016

Review: Through the Grinder by Cleo Coyle

Through the Grinder
Author: Cleo Coyle

Through the Grinder is the second book in the Coffeehouse Mystery series.

Once  again, we join Clare Cosi at the Village Blend, a historic coffeehouse in NYC. Business is good as usual, until female customers of the coffeehouse start committing suicide. Detective Quinn suspects the deaths are actually murders. Things get a bit awkward when it becomes clear that the chief suspect in the killings is Clare's new love interest, Bruce Bowman. Clare knows that Bruce couldn't possibly be a cold-hearted killer, so once again she is tracking a murderer and collecting clues, hoping to prove her lover isn't involved.

I enjoy this series, despite some of the sub-plot being a bit too frou-frou for me. At times, the main character describes the furnishings and items in the apartment above the coffeehouse where she lives. The apartment is filled with very expensive furnishings, persian rugs and priceless antiques. If I lived somewhere like that, I would be afraid to sit down or even touch the china in the kitchen cupboards. Clare Cosi just lives a completely different life than my own.  But, I think that's part of what makes this series interesting for me. It gives me a nice departure from reality. Just don't tell Clare I drink decaf! :)

I enjoyed this second book even more than the first. The mystery portion of the plot was engaging with several twists and turns. I didn't see the ending was a total surprise. Nice!

There are recipes at the back of the book for coffee drinks and even steak marinated with coffee, plus coffee storage tips.

I already have the next two books in the series on hold at the library!

There are 15 books in this award-winning series so far. Cleo Coyle is a pseudonym for Alice Alfonsi and her husband, Mark Cerasini.

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