Thursday, March 23, 2017

REVIEW: Abandon

Author: Blake Crouch

Christmas Day, 1893 in Abandon, CO.....What should have been a warm holiday for the residents of the backwoods mountain mining town was a tragedy instead. Every resident -- every single man, woman and child -- living in Abandon disappeared. Never to be seen again. More than 100 years later an expedition to the ghost town arrives, led by a history professor. His daughter, a journalist, is intrigued by the legend surrounding the town. A psychic and paranormal photographer are also part of the group. It has been said that the abandoned town is haunted. They want to discover what happened that snowy Christmas night in 1893.  Little do they know that the professor has ulterior motives for hiking into the mountains to Abandon. His secret might just kill them all.

I love a good thriller, and Blake Crouch delivers yet another thrill ride with Abandon. The storyline alternates between the tale of the mining town residents from 1893 to the present day expedition, drawing out the tension and suspense until the very end. The action is perfectly paced and there were lots of surprises and tension-filled moments along the way. Sometimes stories that hop back and forth in time can get convoluted and confusing, but not this time. I liked how the action flashed back and forth between the past and present. When I finally finished the entire tale and closed the book, all I could think was "Holy Crap! That was intense!" Great story.

Blake Crouch is the author of many books including the Wayward Pines series and Dark Matter. Discover more about the author and his books on his website at

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