Tuesday, March 7, 2017

REVIEW: Fatality by Firelight

Fatality by Firelight
Author: Lynn Cahoon

The Cat Latimer Mystery series continues with book #2, Fatality by Firelight. Cat is still renovating the large Victorian house she inherited from her ex-husband into a writers' retreat bed and breakfast. Her first retreat was a success, even though one of the guests was murdered. Hopeful that this next retreat will be less murderous, Cat starts the event with a ski trip to a local resort. The day ends with a dead man in a ski resort hotel room and one of her retreat guests a suspect in his murder. It seems Cat's second writers' retreat also has murder on the agenda. Not only is her Uncle, the local police chief, investigating the murder at the ski resort, but Cat discovers more information about the death of her ex-husband, Michael.

I enjoy the Cat Latimer series because it is a bit more realistic than most cozy series. It touches on sex, murder and other topics with more realism but without becoming graphic. Cat is an excellent main character. She is torn between wanting to start her life over again and not being ready to close the part of her life she shared with her ex-husband, Michael. The Victorian house is comforting and distressing for her at the same time. She has a hard time living in the house she shared with her first husband, but at the same time loves the writers' retreats and the business she is building in it. The mystery portion of the plot was well-paced and more complex than in the first book. Cat also discovers some new information about her ex-husband's death. I'm anxious for book 3 to find out what direction her investigation into Michael's death will go.

Fatality by Firelight is an intriguing mystery with several suspects, interesting subplots and characters. It isn't necessary to read the books in order. A reader could jump in at book 2 and fully understand the story and characters. I definitely recommend this book and series to mystery lovers! It was a fun, quick read!

Lynn Cahoon also writes the Tourist Trap Mystery series. For more information on the author and her books, check out her website at http://www.lynncahoon.com/

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