Tuesday, July 25, 2017

REVIEW: Faux Paw

Faux Paw
Author: Sofie Kelly

Faux Paw is book 7 in the Magical Cats Mystery series. I've enjoyed each book so far! The series is a fun mix of humor, mystery, and feline magic. Kathleen Paulson is a librarian in Mayville Heights, MN. She adopts two unusual cats from a nearby feral colony. Owen and Hercules have strange powers. One can become invisible and the other can walk through solid walls. As a cat owner, I have frequently joked that my felines can materialize out of thin air, especially when I open a can of food. I think the antics and awesomeness of Owen and Hercules are why I enjoy this series so much!

In Faux Paw, the library is sponsoring an art exhibit. Kathleen is being run ragged by the curator who demands installation of a high-tech security system among other requirements. Imagine Kathleen's surprise when she stops by the library late one evening to find the curator dead on the floor and the most famous sketch in the art collection missing! She's soon on the trail of a murderer and thief!

The mystery in this 7th book was engaging with plenty of suspects and suspense, but I don't think I read this series for the mystery. I enjoy the characters and the humor. It's a series that I know I can pick up and just have a relaxing evening of reading. It's like a reunion with old friends. I like the cute supernatural aspects of Kathleen's cats. It isn't overdone....it's just a bit of specialness added to them. :)

Each mystery in the series is its own separate story, so it isn't vital to read them in order. But, the character's relationships and story do develop with each book....so for those who would like to read the entire series, I really recommend starting at the beginning. Kathleen is a great MC -- intelligent, witty and determined. The side characters all come together to add depth to the setting and the plots. It's just an enjoyable cozy series! I highly recommend it for cat lovers and cozy mystery fans!

Sofie Kelly is a pseudonym for YA author Darlene Ryan. She also writes under the name Sofie Ryan (Second Change Cat Mystery series -- another favorite of mine!) There are 8 books in the Magical Cats series, with the 9th book (A Tale of Two Kitties) coming out in September 2017.

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