Saturday, August 5, 2017

REVIEW: Wrong Side Of The Paw

Wrong Side Of The Paw
Author: Laurie Cass

Big changes are ahead for Librarian Minnie Hamilton and her lovely cat Eddie in Wrong Side of the Paw, the 6th book in the Bookmobile Cat Mystery series. One thing remains the same though....Minnie is a magnet for dead bodies. Wherever she seems to appear. This time Eddie discovers the body of a Chilson, Michigan builder. Dale LaCombe's lifeless body is found in the bed of a pickup truck. Unfortuantely, his daughter Leese is driving the truck. She immediately becomes a murder suspect. Minnie knows Leese didn't kill her father, so she and Eddie are back on the case to find the killer.  Turns out that lots of people had reasons to dislike Dale Lacombe....but who hated him enough to kill him?

This cute series has been my favorite since book #1. Minnie Hamilton is a likable main character with intelligence, spunk and ingenuity. Eddie is, of course, a very charming cat that chimes in with his signature "mrrr'' often. And I enjoy all of the side characters: Minnie's aunt, her BFF kristen, the other library employees (except for the constantly horrific directors they keep hiring lol), and her pal Rafe with the constant never-ending DIY remodeling project.  This book was a bit more serious than the previous ones...but there are some big shifts coming for several characters. So this book was not only a mystery but also development in the characters and dynamic for the series. I'm not usually big on change (I will totally admit that)....but I enjoyed this book. The changes are good ones! It will be a nice refresh for the series. Not giving any will have to read the book! :)

The mystery was a good progressed at a good pace and had a number of suspects and plot twists. But, I do have to admit that the perpetrator was a bit obvious in this one. I figured out who it was....just not the whys or how until the plot developed a bit further. I didn't mind though....the book was an enjoyable return to my favorite cozy characters. Nice to see their lives developing and changing a little.

The cover for this new book is awesome as usual. Very colorful with the bookmobile in the background and Eddie showing his Cattitude. :)

I do hope that in the next book they have a better library director. Ugh. :)

I can't wait for book 7 now! :) Mrrr!

Laurie Cass also co-authors the Victorian Square series with author Lorraine Bartlett. For more information about Laurie and her books, check out her website at

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