Saturday, July 16, 2016

REVIEW: Do or Diner by Christine Wenger

Do or Diner
Author: Christine Wenger

Following her divorce, Trixie Matkowski returns to upstate New York to run the family business, The Silver Bullet Diner. As a child, she spent summers there and the place is filled with pleasant memories for her. But she wonders if buying the Diner from her aunt may have been a mistake when the health inspector is poisoned by the blue plate special. Small town gossip spreads like wildfire and soon locals are avoiding the diner. To save her Diner from bankruptcy, Trixie joins forces with local deputy, Ty Brisco, to discover who murdered the health inspector.

This book was a fun read. The mystery portion of the plot was interesting and engaging. The characters were as well developed as they can be in a cozy mystery. Trixie is a likable main character. The mandatory local hunk, Ty Brisco, is steamily sexy.  And the bad guys are despicable and horrid, as required. The diner background theme is great! I love"Dinerese'' ! At the Silver Bullet Diner, a cowboy on a raft, two lead pipes with zeppelins and one bowwow with bullets is actually a western omelet with toast, spaghetti with sausage, and a hotdog and beans.

As with most culinary themed cozy mysteries, Do or Diner has recipes in the back. After the murderer is dragged off to prison, warm up the kitchen! I was pleasantly surprised that the book includes two main course recipes, not just desserts. As someone who can't have refined sugars due to medical reasons, I get a bit bummed out when a foodie cozy has only cookie or pie recipes. It's understandable if it's a cupcake bakery or cookie themed book, but when it's a restaurant theme, bring on the meat and veg! :)

I read this book as part of the SaveOurCozies readathon. Recently Penguin/Berkely publishing cancelled at least 24 of its cozy mystery series. Some of the cancelled series were favorites of mine! Do or Diner is book 1 of the 5-book Comfort Food Mystery series, which is unfortunately on the list of cancelled series.  I am hopeful that Wenger will be able to continue the series. If not, I hope she starts a new cozy series. I enjoyed her writing style.

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