Friday, July 15, 2016

REVIEW: Wayward by Blake Crouch

Wayward (Wayward Pines Book #2)
Author: Blake Crouch

Usually when I read a book series, I finish one book and take a break. Then after reading something from a completely different author and genre, I come meandering back to the first series to continue the story. Not this time.

When you come to Wayward Pines, there are no breaks.

After finishing book one, I was so hooked on this thriller story, that I went right on to book two: Wayward.

There are seven rules in Wayward Pines. Enjoy your life. Be happy. Work hard. Always answer your phone if it rings. Do not discuss the past. Do not discuss your life before. Don't try to leave.

Break the rules - bad things happen.

When it's the sheriff who breaks the rules, even worse things happen.

I eagerly read this book over the course of a few hours. I couldn't put it down. As with the first book, Pines, I had to suspend reality and not question the's a sci-fiction thriller not science fact.  My mantra became a bit of a variation on the MST3K theme song....."It's a story, you should really just relax.'' I let myself get lost in the suspense, and had a thrilling, good time reading this book!

I saw the television series before I read the book. Despite the fact I knew most of the events that were going to happen, the plot still managed to suck me in and thoroughly creep me out. The mastermind behind Wayward Pines, David Pilcher, is a hero and a detestable, disgusting human being at the same time. He is a victim of his own god-complex. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no exception. In book 2, readers will be faced with the evil behind the "savior'' of the human race.

The Wayward Pines series is a addictive, creepy, thrill-ride. I am jumping right into book 3, the final installment in the series. Season 1 of the television show covered all 3 of the Wayward Pines books. Season 2 of the television show is airing right now (Wednesday nights 9/8c on FOX) and is all original material. I am still saving the episodes on my DVR until I'm done reading the books though, despite the fact that  there is no possibility of spoilers. I want to enjoy the novels before I see how FOX Network does with branching off into original content. As we all know sometimes the result is outstanding, and sometimes it's awful. So, I decided not to even watch a single episode until I have finished Crouch's books.

Blake Crouch has also authored several other books including Abandon, and Run. His newest novel, Dark Matter, is coming out later this month.

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