Friday, December 16, 2016

The Fish are in the Cowboy Hat, Bert.

I finally took the air conditioner out of my bedroom window. In NC where I live, it doesn't really get cold until this time of year. So I waited as long as possible. The darn thing is heavy, unwieldy and just a pain in the butt to move. But when my room started feeling a bit chilly I knew I couldn't procrastinate any longer.

Over the 8 months or so that the AC was in the window, I had unfortunately filled its off-season home, my closet shelf, with what I call my "creative materials". A plastic tote filled with yarn. A box of odds and ends of clay, modeling tools and the like. A huge box of buttons. Sewing notions. Art paper. Miscellaneous paints. And all of it was in the way.

The entire project started with me making room in the closet. I moved all the creative materials to my bed. Then it was time to call The Hubby. The Hubby is much stronger than me, so he flexed his muscles and man-handled the AC unit out of the window and to the floor. Then I got the joy of dusting, vacuuming and cleaning it so it could live in peaceful harmony near my clothes. It was Hubby time again. He lifted the AC up onto the closet shelf. I closed the deal by clunking the magnetized AC remote to the side and securing the cord.

The heavy lifting part was done. The storm window and heavy sash was now closed, cutting off that lovely December crispness that had been creeping into my room. But....I was now left with a rather large stack of creative materials that had no place to go.


Anyone who sews, knits or creates art knows that any artist has to have a stash of supplies. It's a requirement. Just comes with the territory. I can't create children's clothes, knit toys, or draw those silly cartoons I love without my stash of supplies.

But, unfortunately, my stash has outgrown my available storage space. Mostly because I also have the inventory for my ebay business on shelves lining the walls of my room. It's only right that the income that pays for my supply stash also lives in the same space as the creative materials it funds....with a bit of room left over for me, a bed, and a few personal items. Plus, enough blank wall space for my flat screen TV, of course.

So, I had to move some ebay stock to another shelf to put away the buttons and notions. I had to re-situate some books to make room for the ebay items. The books had to be stacked on the small sewing table, forcing me to move my lamp. The lamp took over the coffee table at the end of the bed, forcing me to move my stack of shipping boxes. The shipping boxes went on top the yarn tote that had already forced me to move my laundry hamper. The hamper had to go beside the door, making me move the shelf where my Funko Pop figures were sitting. The Funkos moved to the top of the dresser, which was the former home of my headphones, laptop bag and DVD collection.... You get the idea.....  It was like watching dominoes fall.

Finally, everything was re-situated. I know I will not be able to find anything for the next few days until I get used to the new organization.

On the positive side of things, I found some yarn and vintage thread I forgot I had. And I found some molds I had misplaced.

As I sat on my bed for a few minutes, happy with the end result of the winterizing project, I was reminded of an old Bert and Ernie sketch from Sesame Street.

The fish are in the cowboy hat, Bert. :)

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