Sunday, December 18, 2016

REVIEW: Where I Can See You

Where I Can See You
Author: Larry Sweazy

Hud Matthews leaves behind  his career as a Detroit cop after being shot. His grandmother has died, leaving her lakeside cottage to him. So he returns to Demmie Lake where he spent his childhood. The lakeside town holds good and bad memories for Hud. He remembers summers spent on the lake helping his Grandmother run her shop selling trinkets and t-shirts to tourists. But still haunting him is the memory of his mother's disappearance. One night when he was 8-years old she got dressed for an evening out, kissed him goodbye....and never came home.

Hud returns to Demmie Lake to recouperate, then joins the local police force. His boss warns him to just do his job and not start digging into his mother's disappearance. When a young woman's body is found on the shore of the lake, Hud's detective skills are needed and he rises to the occasion. But, he never forgets the cold case that haunts his every day....what happened to his mother?

The setting and the tone of this book are very dark. It's off-season at the lake. Rainy, cold and depressing. Hud's mood is also cold and depressing as he investigates shocking murders in the small lakeside community, and also looks into the disappearance of his mother.

The pace was a bit slow for me. The story is well-written for the most part, just slow to develop. And, I have to admit that I didn't like the ending. Was it realistic? Probably. But just a bit of a letdown. After reading all the build-up to the end, I expected a thrilling close. It never really materialized. The tone and pace was low key to the very last page. And the last page....... Well. No spoilers from it, and see what you think. I found myself talking back to the book as I shut it and logged in to write my review.

Good book. Well-written. Interesting plot. Just not my cup of tea.

Readers who enjoy police procedurals and murder mysteries will enjoy this book.

Larry Sweazy also writes the Marjorie Trumaine mystery series. Find out more about the author and his books here.

**I won an Advance Readers Copy of this book on The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.**

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