Friday, December 9, 2016

REVIEW: The Elusive Elixir

The Elusive Elixir
Author: Gigi Pandian

**I voluntarily read an Advanced Readers Copy of this book from Midnight Ink via NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.**

What a fun, magical series!

The Elusive Elixir is the 3rd book in the Accidental Alchemist Mystery series. Zoe Faust is an alchemist, living in Portland, OR. Her friend, Dorian, happens to be a 3 1/2-foot tall gargoyle brought to life by the magic of alchemy.

Unfortunately, the magic used to animate Dorian is back-firing. He is turning back to stone. Zoe is searching desperately for a cure before her pal turns back to stone, while investigating a decades old crime that might be linked to alchemy.

I just love the creativity in this series! Dorian is a gargoyle and an accomplished French chef, taught by a master who was blind and had no clue he was teaching a gargoyle. Zoe is a delightful character as well. She is centuries old and her life as an alchemist must be kept secret. The series just has such creativity and magic!

In order to follow the story better, I would recommend reading the books in order. The other two books in the series are: The Accidental Alchemist and The Masquerading Magician.

The Elusive Elixir will be published by Midnight Ink on January 8th, 2017. Discover the magic of alchemy!!

Gigi Pandian also writes the Java Jones Treasure Mystery series. Discover more information about the author and her books on her website:

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