Saturday, December 17, 2016

REVIEW: Pouncing on Murder

Pouncing on Murder
Author: Laurie Cass

I always love a visit to Chilson, Michigan and my favorite Bookmobile Cat, Eddie.

Mrr. :)

Pouncing on Murder is the 4th book in the Bookmobile Cat Mystery series by Laurie Cass. This series is by far my favorite cozy series, so I knew from page 1 that I was going to like this book. As usual, I was not disappointed. I sat in my comfiest chair with a cup of hot tea nearby, my fat cat Festus on my lap, and this book -- perfect way to spend a cold, crisp December evening.

In Pouncing on Murder, Librarian Minnie Hamilton is enjoying the thought of spring returning to Chilson. During the winter, she lives in her aunt's boardinghouse but when the weather warms up, she moves back to her houseboat. So, she's busy moving, cleaning her boat and planning the library's book fair. Her happy spring thoughts get interrupted, however, when local sweet-at-heart curmudgeon Henry Gill is killed by a falling maple tree. His death is pretty much declared an accident,but Minnie doesn't think so. When she meets Henry's friend, Adam, who was with the old man when he died, her thoughts that Henry might have been murdered are confirmed, especially when someone starts trying to kill Adam as well. Once again, Minnie is on the case, trying to catch a killer before anyone else ends up dead.

Minnie is a delightful main character. I enjoy her sense of humor and the fact that she talks to her cat. And Eddie's antics and delightful "mrr'' in answer to his zany owner just make me smile.

The mystery portion of the plot kept me guessing with several suspects and twists. The humor and subplots didn't detract from the mystery but added to it. This is a cozy series, so don't expect sex, spurting blood and cursing. It's a light mystery.....good humor, a pretty much bloodless murder, and a lot of Eddie's kitty antics. For those who enjoy cozies, this is a perfect read for a cold, winter's night.

There are five books in the Bookmobile Cat Mystery Series and a sixth book, Wrong Side of the Paw, coming out in July 2017. Since this is my favorite series, I have book 5 waiting on my TBR shelf and the 6th book is pre-ordered. I highly recommend this series to cozy lovers and cat enthusiasts alike! :)

Laurie Cass also co-authors the Victoria Square mystery series with author Lorraine Bartlett. For more information on Laurie Cass and her books, check out her website:

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