Thursday, April 28, 2016

REVIEW: Are You Hungry, Dear? by Doris Roberts

Are You Hungry, Dear?
Author: Doris Roberts with Danelle Morton

When Doris Roberts passed away recently, my son and I talked about how much we enjoyed her acting and comedy talents. My 11-year old loves Everybody Loves Raymond. We have the entire series on DVD and he's watched every episode many, many times. He was surprised to hear that Doris Roberts starred in many more shows, movies and plays in her career. I pulled up some videos online so he could see her in other shows, like Remington Steele in the 80's.

I realized that I had enjoyed her work for years, but didn't know much about her.  I checked her book out at the library and enjoyed learning more about one of my favorite actresses.

Are You Hungry, Dear? shares Roberts' thoughts about acting, motherhood, holidays and her personal life. She had a very rough childhood, and experienced loss and setbacks at various points in her life, as we all do. What clearly showed through, even when she was talking about difficult parts of her life, was her determination and positive outlook about life. No matter what happened to her, Roberts kept going and persevered. She wasn't just an actress, but a very strong, loving and wonderful woman. Her personality just jumps off the page. My favorite part was the chapter where she talked about hosting  a Greed Party for Christmas each year, where a chosen set of friends came to her house to spend an evening swiping presents from each other. I had to family has played the same game (we call it Dirty Santa) every Christmas for about the last 12 years.  All the adults sit in a circle, numbers are picked from a hat. Then one at a time, each person picks a gift...either from the stack in the middle (each person brought a wrapped gift), or they can steal a present that someone else has already opened. I was happy to find out that even millionaire actors, directors and producers enjoy that game....and its tendency to be hilarious and almost vicious at times. :)

She talks a little bit about Everybody Loves Raymond -- the show and the cast. When the book was written, the show was still on the air. The majority of the book is about other topics -- her life, her acting career, and her thoughts on life. After each chapter, there is a recipe related to the topic in some way. I thought that was a cute touch. :) There's a pasta recipe in the book that I copied so I can try it!

I very much enjoyed this book! I had no idea that Roberts had such a wonderful career on the stage before she was in movies or on television. After reading her stories, I think she would have been a delightful person to share dinner with. Just a truly nice, wise and very talented woman!

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome talent with us, Doris! Rest in Peace.

And, here's one of my favorite scenes from Everybody Loves Raymond:

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