Monday, April 25, 2016

REVIEW: Mistletoe Murder

Mistletoe Murder
Author: Leslie Meier

As Christmas approaches, Lucy Stone is very busy at her job taking phone orders for Country Cousins, a mail-order company. Add in Christmas shopping, a visit from her mother, and the kids...well, Lucy really doesn't have time to get embroiled in a murder investigation. But, that's exactly what happens when she discovers the body of the founder of Country Cousins inside his car parked in the company parking lot. As she uncovers clues about who may have killed Sam Miller, little does she know that the killer is watching and waiting to kill those who get to close to the truth.

This book was just ok for me. The main character, Lucy, whines for the entire book about how busy she is. There is very little mystery, and a lot of complaining from her. After the first couple of chapters, I was really tired of hearing about how much she had to do.  There was more discussion of her to-do list for the holidays or complaints about her job than there was about the murder mystery. It really got a bit tedious for me.

There are also some plot twists that make no sense, or add nothing to the plot. At one point, Lucy's cat is strangled. But after burying the cat, there is no more mention of who might have killed their family pet, or why the pet was strangled by someone.  If someone strangled my cat and left it outside my home in the street, I would be calling the police and be very upset. But, as soon as the cat was buried, it was like nothing had happened.  Then Lucy believes that someone may have hired a hitman from an advertisement in a gun magazine to kill her boss. Her idea to test that idea is to contact several of these possible professional killers to pretend that she is interested in hiring someone to kill her husband. But for the most part, they are men looking to provide sexual services rather than murders. One refuses to come to Maine in winter to kill someone. And one is a real hitman who asks for too much money. This weird tangent did nothing to further the plot. It just seemed.....stupid. I won't give any more examples as I don't want to spoil the plot for anyone.....but the mystery portion of this book really made very little sense.

I did like the bits of humor and real life that Meier added to her story, but I would have liked a bit more mystery and less discussion of how tiring it is to prepare for Christmas.

I will read another book from this series to see if this first book was just a warm-up. It might be the other books are better than this one.

My rating: 6 of 10
Ages 13+

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