Sunday, April 10, 2016

Review: Horrorstör

Author: Grady Hendrix

Vandals are causing problems at the local Orsk furniture superstore. Broken goblets. Destroyed wardrobes. Foul smelling goop spread on sofas. With corporate bigwigs coming to inspect the store, gung-ho manager, Basil, asks two trustworthy employees to stay overnight with him for a secret 9-hour shift to catch whoever is lurking in the store after hours to damage merchandise. When the lights dim and the sales stop, they discover much more is going on than vandalism.

This book  gives the term "Retail Hell'' a whole new meaning.  What a fun, original addition to the horror genre. I saw one website had this book listed as a "quirk read.''  This story is definitely quirky! Horrostör definitely adds a new dimension to the horror experience! Every chapter starts with a diagram of a piece of Orsk furniture that will be featured or mentioned in that chapter. Sometimes pages from the employee training manual, coupons or sales brochures are also featured. The story is littered with bad training phrases and retail cliches that anyone who has ever held a retail job will recognize and probably still loathe. Employees at Orsk are called "partners'' and those who want to move into managment positions have to be tested to prove they are "Store Responsible.''  Basil, the manager, quotes a book written by the founder of Orsk at every opportunity.  The characters are types that everyone has worked with before: the manager who is a bit too obsessed with his job, the lonely woman whose only social interaction happens at work, the pretty girl who has all the male employees ga-ga over her, and the lazy, apathetic bad worker. This mis-matched crew discovers there is more happening at the Orsk store overnight when the lights dim than they could possibly have imagined.

I loved the artwork and illustrations! The first few pages of the book and those starting each chapter look like they come straight from an Orsk catalog. Don't skip these pages -- actually read them! The product descriptions get more demented and entertaining as the story progresses.

A great mix of horror and humor, this is a must read if you have ever worked in retail. will never look at Ikea quite the same way again!!

My rating: 9/10
Ages 16+

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