Monday, April 11, 2016

REVIEW: Due or Die

Due or Die
Author: Jenn McKinlay

Lindsey Norris is the head librarian at the Briar Creek library.  Her friend, Carrie Rushton, is elected president of The Friends of the Library. But the library's crafternoon club barely has time to congratulate Carrie on her election before she is accused of murdering her husband. Who killed annoying, whiny Marcus Rushton? The Crafternoon ladies know it wasn't Carrie. Lindsay realizes that she needs to do some sleuthing to clear her friend, but then a Nor'easter buries the town under a thick blanket of snow. With the help of her Crafternoon friends, Lindsey shovels through evidence (and lots of snow) to prove her friend's innocence.

Due or Die is the 2nd book in the Library Lover's Mystery series. There are six books in this cozy mystery series so far. I enjoy this series! The books are pretty much formula cozy novels, but I like McKinlay's characters. Plus, in this book she makes a new friend that really added some smiles to the story line. No will have to read it to find out. Or take a close look at the book cover art. :)

The book also includes some tips on starting a crafternoon group, a Reader's Guide for Wuthering Heights, a crochet pattern, and cookie recipe.

Jenn McKinlay is also the author of the Hat Shop Mystery Series (4 books so far) and the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries (8 books)

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