Wednesday, April 13, 2016

REVIEW: Final Catcall

Final Catcall
Author: Sofie Kelly

Kathleen Paulson's job as head librarian in Mayville Heights keeps her busy. But when the director of the local theater festival is found shot to death, murder investigation is added to her job description once again. Her magical cats, Owen and Hercules, plus a few of Kathleen's human friends, pitch in to help find out who killed Hugh Davis. Not only is a murder making her life a bit stressful, but Kathleen's ex-fiance Andrew comes to town as well to try and get her to return to Boston. Will she return to her old life in Boston, or stay in Mayville Heights with her new love interest, Marcus? And who killed Hugh?

I really enjoy the Magical Cats Mysteries series. Maybe it's because I have joked before that my cats sometimes seem to appear magically in places, or have other supernatural powers. :) Owen and Hercules are delightful characters. I am surprised that nobody in town has noticed that they seem to be more than just normal cats. The budding relationship between Kathleen and Detective Marcus Gordon has enough tension and humor to keep it interesting, even though it's dragged through 5 books without much progress. The two argue a lot over Kathleen investigating murders. She jumps in without considering her safety in order to help friends. But, Marcus worries about her because murderers are dangerous and she puts herself in harm's way trying to investigate on her own as an untrained civilian. I'm not going to share any spoilers, but in this book, they both come to understand each other a lot better.

There are 7 books in the Magical Cats Mystery series so far. Another book is scheduled for release in October 2016. Sofie Kelly is a pseudonym for YA author Darlene Ryan. She also writes under the name Sofie Ryan (Second Chance Cat Mystery series).

I recommend this series for any cat and cozy mystery fan. My library only had the first 5 books, so I bought the rest of the series to read and then donate to the library. Can't wait to find out what happens next in Mayville Heights and in Kathleen's love life. :)

My rating: 8/10
Ages 10+

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