Tuesday, March 22, 2016

REVIEW: Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence by Simon Tofield

Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence
Author: Simon Tofield

Anyone who is owned by a cat should read this book of wonderful cat cartoons. This book is a follow up to Tofield's first book: Simon's Cat.  The cat is back....and hilarious. Simon's cat fights with other cats, stalks birds, eats bugs, spills the litter box, battles tape and other situations that will make cat owners chuckle and nod their heads.

The artwork is cute, and arranged in the book to be like a story. Not every page is a rip-snorter, but every page is cute, with some being uproariously funny.

As the resident housekeeper for 4 lovely felines, and a constant stream of foster kittens, I really identified with this book. Several times I had to laugh out loud as one of my cats had done the very thing depicted in the cartoon. For example, my cat Chester loves to eat stink bugs, but every time he throws up. One cartoon page shows Simon's Cat gleefully eating a bug, then making disgusted nauseated faces until the last frame where he joyfully eats the same sort of bug again. Completely Chester. All day long.

Delightful book. :) Tofield is servant to 4 cats of his own and has published 9 books of cat cartoons. This was the first one I checked out at the library. I'm definitely going to read more. Loved this one! There is also a YouTube channel with animated shorts here: Simon's Cat

My rating: 8/10
All Ages

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