Wednesday, September 28, 2016

REVIEW: Black Cat Crossing

Black Cat Crossing
Author: Kay Finch

I am a cat lover, especially black cats. Who can resist a miniature black panther? Not me! So the minute I saw the cover art for this book and read the plot synopsis, I knew I would enjoy reading this book!

The basics: Sabrina Tate dreams of writing The Great America Novel, so she moves to Lavender, Texas to help her aunt manage her vacation rental business. Locals are blaming a string of bad luck -- including Sabrina's aunt breaking her leg -- on a black cat, El Gato Diablo. Not believing in superstition, Sabrina seeks to befriend the cat. When the mysterious feline leads her to dead body, Sabrina knows her aunt will be a suspect in the death of her dead-beat cousin, Bobby Joe Flowers. Sabrina finds herself struggling to find time to write amid a murder investigation and protecting her new black furry friend.

This cozy mystery is nicely paced and an enjoyable read. The mystery portion of the plot is interesting, with just a bit of the supernatural thrown in for ambiance. Sabrina Tate is a likable and believable main character. As in most cozy mysteries, the supporting characters aren't overly developed, but have enough detail to keep the story moving. I had a bit of hard time liking the Aunt, as she really didn't care that her cousin was dead. He was a jerk and a cad, but times she seemed actually glad he was dead. The mystery has multiple suspects, several twists and turns, and comes to a thrilling end.

The cover art is absolutely awesome! Spooky, mysterious and beautiful!

Black Cat Crossing is the first book in the Bad Luck Cat Mystery series. Book two in the series, The Black Cat Knocks on Wood, was published in June 2016. Kay Finch also writes the Corie McKenna Mystery series. Learn more about her books on her website:

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