Tuesday, September 27, 2016

REVIEW: The Book Club Murders

The Book Club Murders
Author: Leslie Nagel

Charley Carpenter loves retro clothing and has finally realized her dream: to own a vintage clothing shop. She is busily pouring her heart and soul into Old Hat and doing everything she can to make it successful. To drum up some business with the upper-crust ladies in Oakwood, Ohio, she joins a mystery book club, The Agathas. Each month the club members meet at a member's home to discuss a murder mystery novel. Charley finds the books enjoyable, but most of the members of Agatha are spoiled, snooty and condescending. When two ladies with close ties to the group are found murdered, their bodies posed in imitation of crime scenes from the book club's reading list, every member of The Agathas is a potential victim -- and a suspect.

This is a debut novel from Leslie Nagel. I love reading new authors! This book was well-written and enjoyable. The mystery was filled with suspense, twists and turns, and an exciting ending! I wasn't sure who the killer was until the very end!

Charley Carpenter is a likable main character. As in most cozy mysteries, her love interest is the detective assigned to the case, Marc Trenault. The romance doesn't overshadow the mystery...there's just enough to sweeten the story. I like the fact that she is independent, intelligent and a strong woman. Nagel did an excellent job developing her characters. The wealthy members of the book club are irritatingly snobbish, but not overly so. Marc has just a bit of jerk thrown in among his good looks and charm. And, Charley's friends have personalities that help move the plot along nicely. All in all, a very well written cozy mystery and an excellent first novel!! I can't wait to read more by Leslie Nagel!

The Book Club Murders is the first book in The Oakwood Mystery Series. The book released September 27th. Learn more about the author on her website: www.leslienagel.com  The site has information on her books, books she recommends and even some great writing tips!

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