Sunday, September 25, 2016

REVIEW: The Haunted Heist

The Haunted Heist
Author: Angie Fox

**I received a copy of this book from Season Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for a fair, honest review**

Verity Long sees dead people. And after accidentally grounding a spirit to her property by disturbing his ashes, she also lives with one. To be specific, Frankie - a long dead gangster - is now her nearly constant companion. While Frankie can be a bit annoying, he has helped her learn about the spirit world and has even assisted her in solving mysteries. In this third installment in the Southern Ghost Hunter series, the two are back at it again.

The basics: Verity has been having financial problems after raising the ire of a vindictive local rich woman. She's sold off every possession she could spare and then some to keep solvent. When a local banker offers her a full time position designing brochures for the bank, she jumps at the chance. But, before she even gets started, her new boss is shot to death in the bank's vault. It seems every time there is a major crime in Sugarland, Verity is right there in the thick of it.

This book is a fun read! Verity is an engaging and believable main character. She has spunk and ingenuity. She deals with financial problems, ghostly encounters and murder with strength and a good sense of humor. I love the fact that she has a pet skunk named Lucy! Add in her hauntingly dead pal Frankie, and it makes for an enjoyable cozy, paranormal romp. The action starts off immediately and doesn't let up til the end. The plot was well-paced, with exciting elements throughout -- gangster ghosts, hunky cops, graveyard exploits. All in all, a fun quick read!

The murder portion of the plot was nothing new and I had it figured out before the end, but the story was so much fun that it didn't effect my enjoyment of the book at all.

This is the first book by Angie Fox that I have read. Although The Haunted Heist is the third book in this series, I was able to jump right in and enjoy the story with no problem. It isn't necessary to read the books in order. Although some events from the first two books are referenced, there are no spoilers given. I will definitely be reading the other books in this series!

This book would definitely be a great fall read for anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries or humorous paranormal reads! Great book for Halloween season reading!!

Angie Fox also writes the Demon Slayer series. Learn more about the author and her books on her website:

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