Friday, September 30, 2016

REVIEW: Chills

Author: Mary SanGiovanni

**I was provided a copy of this book by Kensington Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a fair, honest review.**

A freak snowstorm hits Colby, Connecticut in mid-May, dropping more than four feet of snow on the small town. The lateness of the storm seems unusual enough, but then a body is discovered hanging from a tree surrounded by strange cultish symbols. local police detectives Jack Glazier and Reece Teagan know it's time to call in Kathy Ryan. Ryan, a detective with knowledge of ritual occult murders, begins investigating the Hand of the Black Stars Cult. The cult is performing rituals and making sacrifices to bring about an event that is too horrific to contemplate. If the detectives can't stop the cult before they complete their mission, unspeakable horrors will be unleashed on the residents of Colby and all of humanity.

This was truly a chilling tale. This fast-paced story is a mix of police procedural and horror, starting with a seemingly innocent late season snow storm and progressing to nightmarish horrors.

Kathy Ryan is a well-developed main character. The author provides enough of her back story to explain why she became a detective and an expert in the occult. The rest of the characters are pretty thinly developed, but I believe that is because this is a fast-paced story that really doesn't require a whole cast of completely developed characters. The story jumped right into the creepiness without getting bogged down in too much unnecessary detail. The ending was satisfying, and set up the possibility of a follow-up book or continuing series.

For me, this story was paced well and most definitely creepy. It definitely gave me the chills -- so I think the title is perfect. A fast-paced, horrific trip into the black abyss of ritual murder and nightmarish monsters!

Don't read this book at home alone during a blizzard! Nightmares will abound! :) Chills just released this week -- pick up a copy from your favorite local bookstore!

Mary Sangiovanni is no new-comer to the horror genre. She has written several horror novels including The Hallower trilogy, Thrall and The Fading Place. Check out her website here:

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