Friday, January 27, 2017

REVIEW: Cream Puff Murder

Cream Puff Murder
Author: Joanne Fluke

Hannah Swensen has to go on a diet. Her Regency era costume is a bit too small and she has to fit into the dress before the release party for her mother's romance novel. So, she and her sister join the local gym, Heavenly Bodies, to help whip Hannah into shape quickly. Fitness Instructor Ronni Ward has a reputation for tempting the men of Lake Eden, even married ones. Hannah and Andrea's opinion of Ronni isn't improved when they start taking her fitness classes at the gym. The athletic, pretty woman likes to berate and embarrass the women who take her classes, while heaping praise on the men. But, Hannah's dislike for the woman doesn't tone down her horror when she discovers Ronni's dead body floating in the Jacuzzi at the gym. Who killed the beautiful yet nasty fitness instructor? Hannah once again bands together with her family and friends to solve the case!

Cream Puff Murder is the 11th book in the Hannah Swensen series. I enjoy the characters in this series. Hannah is sweet, funny and dedicated. Her family doesn't like the fact she keeps finding dead bodies, but they all band together to help her investigate each time. I like Hannah's love interests, Mike and Norman, but I really do wish the ever-continuing love triangle would just get resolved and be over with. There are 20 books in the Hannah Swensen series.....and #21, Banana Cream Pie Murder is coming out in March. I'm sure the love triangle resolves itself somewhere in the 10 books I haven't read yet. I am working hard to catch up with this series before I accidentally see any spoilers about how things work out.

The recipes included between the chapters in Cream Puff Murder sound yummy! This book has a recipe for egg salad that I'm going to make for my husband....he will love it!

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