Thursday, January 12, 2017

REVIEW: Story Time With Grandma

Story Time With Grandma
Author: Mary Elizabeth Yoder

I collect old books. Any sort. There is nothing more relaxing than curling up on the sofa on a winter's night with hot tea, my dog, and an old book for company.

I found an old paperback copy of Story Time With Grandma on the shelf at a local thriftshop recently. Published in 1979 by Christian Light Publications, the book contains little short snippets of wisdom for children from the Mennonites. While this isn't the sort of book I usually read, the very fact that it was different and unusual made me buy it and bring it home to read. Why not? I think, at times, everyone can use a bit of simple wisdom, even adults.

Because the book was published by the Mennonites, I was not surprised that the stories are from a Christian perspective and for the most part, quite old-fashioned and dated. But, that doesn't mean the simple wisdom in the book's 158 pages isn't still true. Ranging from lessons about lying to being kind, the book offers very short morality tales. A few of the stories in the very back of the book are Bible stories, but most are generic in nature. Most are basic lessons parents should teach their children -- to listen to their parents, to behave and treat others with kindness.

My copy of this book dates from 1979, but I did discover that the book was updated up until 2005. Perhaps later editions offer updated versions of the stories. I didn't mind the old-fashioned stories. A few made me smile, and some were a bit preachy. But, all in all, this was an enjoyable read. But, in all honesty, I really don't think most children today would enjoy these stories at bedtime. The world has become a different place since 1979, but the lessons about behavior, manners and how to treat other people are still relevant.

For anyone interested in reading this endearing book filled with simple wisdom, it is currently out of print, but I did notice that used copies are readily available online. Mary Elizabeth Yoder also published a sequel: More Story Time with Grandma. The sequel is also available for purchase online.

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