Saturday, January 7, 2017

REVIEW: Strange Magic

Strange Magic
Author: James A. Hunter

Yancy Lazarus is a drifter, roaming here and there fixing problems for clients. In fact, he's known as The Fixer. He uses his wits and Vis, magic that uses the energy of the universe, to solve problems for his clients. But this time, someone doesn't want him solving anything. He has been told about a situation in California, but he's attacked twice before even making it out to LA. The case turns out to be quite a doozy -- Rival gangs. a massacre. Body snatchers. Monsters. Demons. This story has a little bit of everything. Think Dresden with a bit more grit, driving a souped-up El Camino rather than a VW bug.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. There were some spots where I felt it could have used a bit more editing. But, the rough patches here and there didn't really dampen my enjoyment of the tale. There was plenty of magic-slinging action, sprinkled with a bit of cheesy humor.

I have to admit that I didn't find myself really connecting with the characters in this book. The story was ok. The characters were ok. The humor was good. was all just....ok. I think the main characters just lacked depth. I was never drawn in and made to care about them in any way. The story was just a bit on the superficial side.....not really delving into the whys and motivations of the characters. Sort of like an action movie that is all shooting and special effects but no background or foundation as to why the shooting is necessary. There is very little world-building and not much in-depth characterization to draw readers into the meat of the story. It just lacked....substance.

There are four books in the Yancy Lazarus series. My guess is that the author gained momentum with world-building and characterization in the subsequent books. Yancy has great potential as a magic slinging just didn't really come out in this first book.  '

Those who like urban fantasy would enjoy this series. For me, the first book seemed a bit lackluster. In the end that's just my opinion and others might really enjoy Yancy's debut adventure. I would definitely love to have his car! :) Nothing like a badass El Camino!

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