Wednesday, January 18, 2017

REVIEW: Midnight Crossroad

Midnight Crossroad
Author: Charlaine Harris

Midnight is a small town. Just a few buildings and homes at the intersection of  Witch Light Road and Davy Road in rural Texas. There's a diner, 24-hour pawnshop, convenience store & gas station, plus a church. The residents of Midnight, Texas are....unusual. Special. Different. Newcomer Manfred Bernardo is about to discover just how different they are. Moving to this podunk Texas backwater nothing of a town is going to change his life. Forever.

I enjoyed Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series (the books more so than the television version) so I was happy when I came across this supernatural series. Midnight Crossroad is book 1 in the Midnight, Texas series. There are 3 books in the series so far.

The characters are so interesting. Every resident of Midnight is hiding secrets, but they have a strong bond with each other. In this new series, Harris mentions some characters from some of  her other books like Harper Connelly and Lily Bard. Even a main character, Manfred, was actually a minor character from the Harper Connelly series. I'm sure if I went back and re-read the Sookie books that I would discover even more references. I enjoyed seeing names that I recognize!

Midnight, Texas is currently being made into a television show by NBC. I couldn't find any dates for the show, but an article did hint that it might be on the Fall 2017 lineup. I will definitely be watching! I do hope it follows the books more closely than the TrueBlood series did. The HBO version of the Sookie Stackhouse stories veered so far away from the books that I stopped watching before the final season. My hopes are high that the TV version of Midnight, Texas will be better. *fingers crossed*

For those who enjoy supernatural tales and mysteries, I definitely recommend the Midnight, Texas series. Book 1, Midnight Crossing, gives an introduction to the residents of Midnight and there's a murder mystery thrown in for a bit of suspense as well. The pacing of the story was great, and the characters are magical and believable at the same time. I'm not sure which character is my favorite....I'm just going to say I like them all. Or, I might choose the cat. Yes, the cat was awesome!

For those who have been missing Sookie Stackhouse, this series is a pretty good replacement. Give it a try!

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