Thursday, January 26, 2017

REVIEW: A Short Time to Die

A Short Time To Die
Author: Susan Alice Bickford

The Harris clan controls Charon Springs, New York. Anyone who crosses them ends up beaten or dead. In 2000, Marly Shaw is attacked by her step-father Del Harris and his father, Zeke. The event is terrifying and at the end, Del and Zeke are dead. Marly runs from her hometown knowing the Harris clan will find out the two men are dead and blame her, even though it was not her fault. She thinks she has escaped, but nobody ever really escapes the Harris family.

Flash ahead to 2013. Two members of the Harris clan are found dead in California. Detectives Vanessa Alba and Jack Wong are on the case to discover what happened. They travel to Charon Springs, discovering the power of  the Harris family and Marly's story. Vanessa and Marly finally meet at the thrilling end of the story.

The story is fast-paced, exciting and filled with strong female characters, good and bad. The tension builds at a steady pace til it hits the thrilling end. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I wanted to find out what was going to happen!

A Short Time to Die will be released by Kensington on January 31st. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crime thrillers or police procedurals. Such an exciting story!

This is Susan Alice Bickford's first novel. For more information on the author, check out her website at

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