Sunday, January 1, 2017

REVIEW: Released

Author: Amber Polo

Liberty Cutter has returned to her hometown in Ohio to take over as director of the local library. Soon after, the library mysteriously burns down and is relocated to the nearby abandoned academy building. While supervising necessary renovations to the long-abandoned building and replacing books lost in the fire, Liberty discovers some strange, hidden secrets about the town. When she meets a talking dog amid the stacks in the library, Liberty realizes her life will never be the same.

This was such a fun book! Shapeshifters. Despicable werewolves. Talking dogs. Librarian humor (including some great insults using the Dewey Decimal system). It all comes together into a fun supernatural tale that I couldn't put down.

Released is the first book in The Shapeshifters Library series. I won a copy of the second book on Goodreads, so decided to read book one first. I'm definitely glad I have book two waiting for me on my tbr shelf...I want to know what happens next!! There are four books in the series so far.

To learn more about Amber Polo and her books check out her website here

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