Thursday, February 23, 2017

REVIEW: Brimstone

Authors: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

From the wealthy mansions of the Hamptons to crumbling ancient castles in Italy, Agent Pendergast investigates the strange Faust-like death of Art Critic Jeremy Grove. Grove's body, discovered in a locked room, is strangely burned, as if it burned from the inside out. Pendergast joins forces with two police officers he has worked with before: Vincent D'Agogta and Laura Heywood. As other bodies are found, similarly burned, the three investigators try to unravel the mystery. Is the devil himself coming to Earth to claim these men? If not, how are the bodies being burned, and who is behind the killings?

I love the Agent Pendergast series. Each novel is creepy and thrilling. Brimstone is the 5th novel in the Pendergast series. I listened to the audiobook version of this book. The narrator was Actor Rene Auberjonois. He did a wonderful job, reading clearly and using proper accents for Pendergast (New Orleans southern drawl), the east coast, and Italian characters. I have hearing loss, but was easily able to hear and understand all parts of this audiobook.

This story was another awesome Agent Pendergast thriller. The idea that Satan himself might be coming to collect on debts owed by nefarious, greedy characters was intriguing. The mystery had many twists and turns. I didn't see the ending coming....the tale ends on a wonderfully chilling final twist.

I'm definitely going to be reading more of this series. It's creepy-cool without being overly gory or cheesy. The books are well-written and the plots are complex but entertaining. I recommend this series for readers who like supernatural thrillers and action/adventure.

There are 16 books in the Agent Pendergast series. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are also the authors of many other books. To find out more about their collaborative novels, check out their website at

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