Sunday, February 5, 2017

REVIEW: Devil's Food Cake Murder

Devil's Food Cake Murder
Author: Joanne Fluke

Devil's Food Cake Murder is the 14th novel in the Hannah Swensen cozy mystery series. The books are quick, light reads with lots of recipes included. Hannah, the main character, owns a bakery specializing in cookies and other desserts. Each book is named after a dessert. At least one recipe that ties into the storyline appears at the end of most chapters.

I like this series. The characters are fun and a bit quirky. The mystery plotlines are not that in-depth, but still fun to read. These are cozy mysteries, meaning that there is no graphic sex, no spurting blood, no's pretty light fare. It makes for a great read at the beach, a light story for the waiting room at the doctor's office or for recreational reading. I love to read this series while curled up on the sofa with a mug of hot tea, my chihuahua sidekick and a fuzzy blanket. :) Perfect winter's evening reading.

In Devil's Food Cake Murder, Hannah's friend Claire is preparing to go on her honeymoon with her new husband, Reverend Bob Knudson. A replacement minister is coming in to take over services at the church while they are on their trip. Matthew Walters is a childhood friend of Bob's and he's happy to fill in while the couple is gone. But, plans go astray. Hannah finds Matthew slumped over the desk in the rectory office. He's been shot in the head.

Hannah seems to  have a knack for finding dead bodies. I always smile when one of the other characters jokes with her about her "slay-dar.'' In reality, I think that she would end up under investigation. If I went around finding dead bodies every month or two, the local police would have a field day. I'd be in big trouble. Especially if a couple of the dead bodies were women who tried to steal my boyfriend. But, then again, cozy mysteries are not meant to be realistic. They are meant to be fun, light, mysteries with cute subplots and minimal blood and guts. So, I suspend reality and just enjoy the books.

I think the love triangle subplot might be approaching its climax finally. No spoilers from me. But I do see some light at the end of the tunnel of Hannah's love life. I don't think it's going to be the ending I expected....but really...isn't that the way life usually goes? We expect one thing.....and something else happens. Que sera, sera.

I enjoyed this book. The mystery was well paced and there was a twist I didn't really see coming. There was a little bit more substance to this book than the last two. There is a bit of a cliffhanger ending....that was a nice touch. Luckily I have the next book sitting on my shelf and I don't have to stew about it for long!

This cozy series is perfect for light reading. I've tried many of the recipes.....never had one that wasn't an instant hit with my family. Devil's Food Cake Murder has a recipe for welsh rarebit. I've always wanted to try that! I think it might be a great experiment for Sunday breakfast this week!

There are 20 books in the Hannah Swensen series so far. The 21st book, Banana Cream Pie Murder, is coming out February 28th. I'm doing my best to catch up. I don't want to accidentally read a spoiler about how Hannah's lovelife comes I'm spending every evening with Hannah until I catch up! :) Getting closer!

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