Sunday, February 12, 2017

Review: Cinnamon Roll Murder

Cinnamon Roll Murder
Author: Joanne Fluke

What do you serve when the jazz band Cinnamon Roll Six is coming to play at a weekend festival? Cinnamon Rolls, of course! In Cinnamon Roll Murder, Hannah Swensen is busily baking goodies for the festival when an accident occurs. The band's tour bus wrecks, injuring the keyboard player, Buddy Neiman. Buddy's injuries are minor and he's recovering in the hospital when someone decides he should take a turn for the worse. Hannah's mother discovers Buddy's dead body in his hospital room.  The keyboard player has been stabbed repeatedly with a pair of surgical scissors. Once again, Hannah, her family and several of her friends are on the case to discover a killer.

There's no delicate way to say I'm just going to blurt it out. The best part of this entire book was when Norman (Hannah's sort-of-love-interest- kinda-boyfriend-whatever-he-is) finally grew a set. Instead of being a push-over and not standing up for himself, Norman took care of a situation he was in with manly strength and determination. Go, Norman! Finally!!

The Hannah Swensen series is definitely a "cozy'' mystery series.....the plot is a light mix of humor, murder mystery and small town drama. There is no spurting blood, cussing, steamy sex or graphic violence. This book is just perfect for a few hours of relaxing reading. The book is just under 300 it's a quick read. Most of the recipes included in Cinnamon Roll Murder are desserts but there are also some main courses and appetizers, too.

Cinnamon Roll Murder is the 15th Hannah Swensen Mystery. There are 20 books, with #21, Banana Cream Pie Murder, coming out later this month!

Anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries and baking will love these books! :)

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