Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm going to read my own damn books! The 2016 TBR project!

I have a seriously backed up TBR shelf. I have so many books that my built-in floor to ceiling bookshelves are crammed full. Just eyeballing my shelves, I'm guessing I have about 600 books? Maybe more. My books are no longer sorted by genre because I have too many. Often books fall off the shelves because they are stacked and too crowded. I have no room for new books, so every trip to the bookstore just compounds the problem.

I can't stand it! My books are my most prized possessions, and my shelves are a mess! Not only that, I write in the same room. The chaotic shelves distract me. I spend more time trying to straighten my books than I do working on my book. I can't stand it anymore!!!

So, I am taking steps to remedy the situation. 2016 is the year I tame my wild TBR shelves! I saw a challenge online and decided to join.

Read My Own Damn Books.

Yes!! A challenge with no rules, other than reading books languishing on my TBR and dumping out DNF and unwanted books that are taking up space. When I finish books, I'm going to trade or donate them, limiting "keeper'' shelf space to a minimum. Then my shelves can be organized and display my books properly! And, I can write in that room without bugging out about my books being disorganized.

My goal:

1. I am going to limit myself to 4 new books per month. This only includes books I buy for myself. Gifts given to me do not count.

2. I have to read then trade/donate more books per month than I bring into the house. This count DOES include any books gifted to me. My ultimate goal is to read & clear at least 100 books from my shelves by the end of 2016, and to trade/donate any books I am not actually going to read or use.

3. As I clear shelf space, I will begin to re-organize my books by genre and author.

4. I will use the library more. Books that I'm only going to read once, I will check out from the library, read them and return. I will also use our local library's digital services where I can borrow ebooks and audio books online, rather than buying them. That saves me $ to buy the new releases and others I really want as a physical book, rather than books I'm going to quick read and forget about.

This will allow me to display my books the way I want them! I will be so happy!! I'm going to READ MY OWN DAMN BOOKS!! :)) Yay!! I've needed to do this for SO long!

Interested in paring down your TBR pile as well??  You can find this challenge, and join up with others who are also reading their own books here at Estella's Revenge

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