Sunday, February 21, 2016

REVIEW: Aunt Dimity's Death

Aunt Dimity's Death
Author: Nancy Atherton
Kindle Version

I have always wanted to read this series, but never started. Basically, I am a completist. Once I start a series, I have to finish it. The Aunt Dimity series has 21 books, and I just didn't want to start that monumental of a project. The other day I logged onto my local library's website, and book one: Aunt Dimity's Death, was at the top of my recommended reading list. I finally decided what the heck and downloaded the ebook. Why not?? Reading book 1 doesn't obligate me to read the other 20 books!

Unless I like it.

Uh oh.

I liked it. :)

The plot is basic and sweet. Lori Shepherd grows up hearing bedtime stories about the adventures of Aunt Dimity. The stories are charming and fantastical and Aunt Dimity always comes out on top at the end. Soon after her mother dies, Lori finds out that Aunt Dimity was actually a real person and a close friend of her mother's for decades.

Suddenly Lori is mixed up in a mystery of sorts. She must solve a puzzle left behind by Dimity after her death. She is whisked away to England to stay in Dimity's cottage, sorting through old letters and photographs. She has only a few weeks to solve a mystery and discover the truth about Dimity and her mother. Along the way she learns a lot about life and herself as well.

This is the first cozy mystery novel I have read that didn't involve a murder. It was a nice change of pace. It has a bit of everything....fairy tale, ghosts, love interest, mystery. It's definitely a feel-good read. The story is simple but incredibly charming. The book was a pleasant afternoon read. Nothing heavy, and enough of a mystery to keep me interested for a few hours while it snowed outside.

Only 20 novels to go! :)

My rating: 7/10
Ages 10+

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