Wednesday, February 17, 2016

REVIEW: Paper Hearts Vol 1: Some Writing Advice

Paper Hearts Volume 1: Some Writing Advice
Author: Beth Revis
Publisher: Scripturient Books
327 Pages

I had the privilege to attend a short writer's workshop recently headed by bestselling author Beth Revis. She talked about her early career, and shared the difficulties she faced getting her first novel published. Revis said she wanted to help other aspiring authors through the process, so she wrote her 3-volume Paper Hearts series. Paper Hearts gives advice on writing & editing, the publication process and marketing for authors.

Paper Hearts Volume 1: Some Writing Advice, covers characterization, plot, writing, editing and the critique process. The last chaper "what ifs'' covers all those pitfalls writers fall into....writer's block, bad dialogue, shaky descriptions, how to handle rejection, etc.

This book gives common sense writing advice that has already given me help in resurrecting a manuscript that has been languishing on my hard-drive for months. I'm closing up some plot holes, reforming some characters that just weren't working and editing. I think any aspiring writer would benefit from the common sense advice in this book!

Revis also has some great advice on writing query letters, and other writers topics on her website and blog. There is also more information for writers on her site.

One thing she said at the workshop that really stuck with me is that she wrote 10 novels before she had one accepted for publication. She received 1000 rejection letters before getting a positive response to a query letter. Writing requires a thick skin and perseverance. Keep writing, keep sending queries, keep perfecting the craft!

Write on!

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