Wednesday, February 10, 2016

REVIEW: Angelfall

Author: Susan Ee
Publisher: Skyscape
288 pages
Genre: YA fiction

Angels of the Apocalypse have attacked Earth. For six weeks, humanity has endured horror and death. Penryn fears and hates the angels, as she struggles to help her family survive in war torn California. Despite her fear, she comes to the aid of an angel, Raffe, attacked in the street by his own kind. Her actions are the right thing to do even if the victim is an angel, but she can only watch in horror as the attacking angels grab her wheelchair-bound little sister and fly away with her.

She warily joins forces with the injured angel to rescue her sister.

Susan Ee tells a haunting, brutal at times, story of war and the apocalypse. Angels aren't from fairy stories. They are supernatural killing machines sent to Earth to end humanity. Penryn is a strong heroine. She fights to keep her family alive, even while her mother descends into madness.  This is one of the best YA supernatural, action stories I have ever read. Ee's writing is action-packed and emotional. She describes war, the apocalypse, cannibalism, brutality while still keeping the story age appropriate for YA readers. There is violence and death -- you can't have a story about war without it. But Ee's descriptions are vivid, but never grotesque.

Due to the subject matter, I do think that this book really should be for ages 13+. Children who are susceptible to nightmares or other fears maybe should pass this one by until they are old enough to handle the subject matter.

This is the first book in a trilogy.  I highly recommend it. Great action. Vivid descriptions. Great read!

My rathing: 8/10
Recommend ages 13+ due to violence, descriptions of injury, death

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