Saturday, February 27, 2016

The DNF Conundrum

I very rarely start reading a book and don't finish. But I'm learning that sometimes a book just isn't my style. Rather than waste days trying to struggle through it, I'm discovering that, at times, it's best to just move on to another book.

Recently, I checked out an ebook online that sounded interesting. It's title referenced a famous ghost ship, and I was excited to read a scary tale about the ship's legend. But, after reading more than half of the book, the ship in the title had only been mentioned in passing. The book was more about the old spiritualist movement with only slight references to the ship and its legend.

It became a struggle for me to keep reading. I kept hoping that it would begin making sense and become enjoyable. But as I passed the halfway mark and it was still torture for me...I knew it was time to return the book, and move on to something else.

Not every book that I start reading is going to be appealing to me. Just as I've had to learn how to say no to people as an adult, I need to learn when it's time to say no to books.

There are hundreds of thousands of books out there that I can read. Life is to short to struggle through reading something that is not enjoyable to me. I used to feel bad about DNF (did not finish) books. I thought I wasn't giving the author enough of a chance. That maybe I was quitting just before the story got interesting. But....just like with some people or situations....there are times when something is never, ever going to be appealing to me. It's ok to say NO.

The book in question has been returned to the online library for someone else to try. For me, it was a no. For someone else, it might be awesome.

I'm not going to review the book since I didn't finish it. So I'm not mentioning the title or the author. I can't give an opinion on something that I didn't complete. But it did get me to thinking about those feelings of guilt when I finally give up on a book. Just like I still have a pang or two of guilt when I tell someone no.

I wanted to like this book. I gave it a chance. But, it just didn't work out.

It wasn't you, book. It's me.

Some relationships were just never meant to be. I'm reading another book now. Time for you to move on.

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